Vajda-Papír opened Hungary’s most innovative paper factory

Vajda-Papír opened Hungary’s most innovative paper factory

The new factory unit implemented under a 15 months’ investment, totalling HUF 15 billion, was opened by Mihály Varga and Attila Vajda in the presence of their key partners, suppliers and the heads of the companies participating in the investment in Dunaföldvár, on 9 November, 2018. Hungary’s most modern tissue paper manufacturing and processing factory provides more than 100 new jobs in the region. The Hungarian company exports its products to more than 20 countries, it has had a separate factory unit in Norway since 2013, and is highly committed to using environmentally friendly technologies.

Vajda-Papír Kft. formally opened Hungary’s first and only integrated tissue paper production factory unit this morning in Dunaföldvár, in the presence of Mihály Varga, Minister of Finance. The Hungarian Government classified the project as a priority investment in terms of national economy and granted a non-refundable aid to the same in the amount of HUF 4.5 billion under the Enterprise Investment Support Programme. The 15-billion investment created more than 100 workplaces in the first phase.

“As an American saying goes: the elevator leading to success is out of order. Everything needs to be done one step at a time. Vajda-Papír took these steps, as their ideas and investments were implemented step-by-step. Starting out as a small garage company, a Hungarian success story was made: Vajda-Papír opens the most innovative paper factory in Hungary. They had courage and they were brave enough to take risks. Today, their company is a dominant member of the paper industry sector” – said Mihály Varga in his speech.

According to Hungary’s Minister of Finance, the opening of the new factory will only be one important milestone in the life of Vajda-Papír that will be able to contribute to further development. – “My colleagues and I are ready to take part in the cooperation for development” – said Mihály Varga.

“Besides manufacturing abroad, as of today, we will be able to manufacture the tissue paper in domestic environment. Achieving the highest degree of paper processing has been our priority goal for a long time” – explained Attila Vajda, CEO of Vajda-Papír Kft. at the opening ceremony.

The hygienic tissue paper production factory unit being the largest in Hungary and one of the largest in Central-Europe with its floor space of 26,000 square metres, was completed after 15 months of hard work on an area of 180,000 square metres.

“Ours is a true success story, as we started out as a garage company 20 years ago, and today we will open the most modern paper factory of the country, and we also lay down the foundation for further developments. The numbers are imposing, however, there is much more behind them. For example, more than 100 new workplaces have been established owing to this factory, as well as the example that it is worth working hard as we, Hungarian entrepreneurs, have a thousand opportunities that we only dreamt of before. We are building a dream!” - said Attila Vajda.

In the new factory, the received cellulose is first converted into basic paper and then into the final product. Besides supplying the domestic market, the products of the factory in Dunaföldvár will also be exported to Scandinavia, the Baltic areas and to Central-Eastern Europe, to more than 20 countries.

With this investment, the domestic processing capacity of the company will increase to more than 100,000 tons, allowing the uninterrupted development of both the well-known Ooops! products, and the private label products also sold in international markets – the market share of Ooops! products is increasing in the Central-Eastern European and Scandinavian region on a continuous basis.

– We have more than 100 employees, or family members if you like, who have been working with us for more than 10 years. We also started out as a family company, and it makes us happy that we are able to employ more and more families (husbands, wives, children) in our company. 500 people can see in several factories and several countries each day that one can also succeed with persistent, decent and hard work. We strongly believe that we can be even more successful in the future as a Hungarian manufacturer, with products manufactured in Hungary, cooperating with the largest commercial chains.
Vajda-Papír Kft. is committed to supplying Hungarian households with tissue paper products at the highest possible level. We work day by day to satisfy the needs of Hungarian buyers with our products
- said Attila Vajda.

Vajda-Papír Kft. can manufacture 100,000 tons of tissue paper products in Hungary. An average Hungarian family uses 8 kg tissue paper per year – therefore, they can serve the tissue paper need of 12.5 million people. The total value of the domestic investments of the company amounted to HUF 30 billion in the past 20 years, while in the Scandinavian area, they carried out an investment in the amount of EUR 15 million between 2013 and 2018. The raw wood material used by the factory originates from forests established conscientiously for industrial use, and the amount of water used in the course of manufacturing is significantly less than before.
As Attila Vajda emphasized at the opening ceremony: domestic development does not stop here. In the near future, they plan to build another building of similar size next to the first phase of the factory opening now, after which, the factory of Vajda-Papír Kft. in Dunaföldvár will provide 300 people with jobs in the region.