Mission, vision, company values

Mission, vision, company values

Mission Statement

  • Support the continued growth of our partners
  • Be an efficient supplier to our partners
  • To make all our stakeholders see and recognize us as efficient and reliable value provider, thus be enganged to us in the field hygiene paper industry in the world



Providing health and hygiene products for all

Our vision is to improve with respect to:

1 - Our Growth

Our company, which started as a family business operating one machine, has grown into a multi-million EUR generating enterprise. Today, this is not only a market leader in Hungary, as we are also a significant competitor to large international companies in the hygiene paper sector. The Vajda-Papír Group now boasts three production sites in Hungary and one in Norway. The company employs around 650 people across the group. The group's turnover was around EUR 148 million in 2021.

*2022 business plan

2 - Our Brand

Our strategic brand Ooops! constantly gains share in our home-markets of Central-Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Through its innovative and superior quality and large variety of propositions we can engage our customers and consumers, as well as to easy people’s everyday life by offering efficient solutions for every hygiene paper-related need.

3 - Our Green Technology

The state-of-the-art technology we apply in all our production sites is fully complying with highest environmental and safety standards. The highly automated equipment ensures an efficient and sustainable operation. Our production company contributes to the use of eco-efficient products, production technologies and processes adapted to the circular economy and to the protection of forests.

4 - Our Employees

Our colleagues ensure the sustainable business. Our philosophy is to employ motivated, engaged and committed people, thus we value loyalty and experience, but also invest into new knowledge and resources that supports our continuous improvement and growth. Moreover, the world's leading auditing firm, Lloyd's Register, has also praised the company's anti-epidemic measures in Europe as outstanding.

5 - Our CSR

The company also places great emphasis on social responsibility. The cooperation with the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service began in 2020, since then we donated more than 30 tons of hygiene paper products to support children's programmes to create opportunities and to provide hundreds of disadvantaged families across the country with a year's worth of hygiene paper products.

Vajda-Papír values:

  • Determination and perseverance
  • Excellence and agility,
  • Resilience and consensus,
  • Family business and international presence