Mission, vision, company values

Mission, vision, company values

Mission Statement – Reason To Be

Our mission and task is to ease people’s everyday life by offering solutions for each hygienic paper-related need or problem.


Vision – Where We Want To Be

To be seen and recognised as efficient and reliable value provider for all stakeholders in the field of household paper industry in CEE/SEE & Scandinavia.

Stakeholders: consumers, customers, employees, suppliers, owners.


Our vision is to improve with respect to:

  1. Business turnover,
  2. Customers – Brands,
  3. Our Technology,
  4. Staff.


  1. Business turnover

  2. Customers – Brands

    To have a wide range of innovative products that meet the needs of customers in order to back up our strong brands that have a major influence on the market in both quantity and quality.

  3. Our Technology

    To operate highly automated, efficient systems and processes supported by continuous innovation and cutting edge technology with a view to environmental considerations.

  4. Staff

    To employ independent, committed staff as required by growth, who are to be supported by the positive management structure, colleagues trained by the company, motivated, professional management and active shareholders.


Vajda-Papír Kft. values:

  • customer focus;

  • flexibility;

  • innovation;

  • team work and

  • commitment.