Please read this disclaimer carefully before using the corporate website (www.vajdapapir.hu) of Vajda Papír, which regulates the use of the website and the materials on it, and any materials forwarded in relation to it, and the rights thereof, furthermore the rights of the Operator regarding the website.

General provisions

This website is owned by Vajda Papír Kft. (headquarters: 2330 Dunaharaszti, Némedi út 51., company registration number: 13-09-082969, hereinafter referred to as: Operator), which manages its content and operates its services.

This website was created for users located in Hungary, and the information found on the site applies to this country, should any information found on the site be invalid in Hungary, inaccurate or misleading, it shall not serve as the basis for the exercise of any rights.

By opening and browsing this site You hereby accept the disclaimer and that You are bound by this document. If you do not accept the disclaimer and being bound by it, please do not use the website.

The website operator shall not be liable for the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the website.

Intellectual property rights

The contents of the website (texts, images, videos, sound files, and downloadable files) are the intellectual property of the Operator. The commercial use of this material is subject to the prior consent of the Operator.

Users have the right to use the website for information only, which includes printing, saving it on a hard drive or share (Facebook).

It is forbidden: to use the materials found on the website for commercial purposes without the consent of the Operator.

It is forbidden: to change the content of the website, or the integration of the website or any part thereof into an alternative webpage (website or blog), or printed material.

The logos, trademarks, brand and product names, product images, slogans, advertisements are the sole property of Vajda Papír Kft., and can only be used with the prior consent of the owner.

Liability for the content

When compiling the content for the website the Operator did it with the utmost care; however, it cannot take liability for the accuracy, currency and completeness of all parts of it.

The content of the website cannot be used as a basis for informed decisions; should you be interested in a partnership or investment, please contact the person in charge under Company Structure in the menu.

Operator will not accept any liability - to the extent allowable by law - for (any) direct or indirect damages caused by the users in any way by using the website or as a consequence thereof.

Including, but not limited to:

  • any actions by user which user prompted by the website or its content,
  • the inaccessibility of unavailability of the website,
  • any obsolete, incomplete, inaccurate or wrong information on the website.

The above liability disclaimers do not apply to the wilful misconduct, gross negligence or default by the Operator.

We accept no liability whatsoever for websites, including their content, which have a link to our website. The existence of a link on these websites to ours does not mean that the Operator cooperates in any way with the owners, operators or staff of such websites.

Should any links appear on the website, which point to other websites, they are only for the convenience of users, the Operators may not be in any relationship with such websites and accepts no liability for their content. The websites made for different brands and products of Vajda Papír Kft. (e.g. ooops.hu) are exceptions.

Cooperation with other websites

Our website uses the embedded player technology of YouTube. When you play a video on our website using this technology you accept the terms of service of youtube.com (www.youtube.com/t/terms).

Our website uses the embedded maps of Google.com. Upon using these maps You accept the general terms and conditions of Google (http://www.google.com/intl/hu/policies/terms/).

Information privacy

No registration is needed to use our website, we do not compile our users’ information into a database, and therefore the provisions of Personal Data Protection Act are not relevant.

The Operator can only get the personal data of users through the „Write to us” application, which it will only use to reply to questions, suggestions or job applications. The Operator shall manage data according to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, shall delete them once the case is closed, and shall not give such data to third parties.

We kindly ask you to use the „Write to us” application if you consent to your data being used for the purposes described above!

Protected pages

You can only access the Our Partners menu if you have a valid account stored in the data base (user name + password), with which you can enter using the Entry module.

The data base of registered users does not expand through the part of the website which is accessible by the public. The registration process is part of the partnership cooperation, the data of partners is entered into the data base using the administration interface of the website with the partner's consent. The website does not store any personal data of registered users apart from their user name and password, and e-mail address (the latter is necessary to send a new password to users who have forgotten their password). The information of registered users is managed by the Administrator in compliance with the provisions on Data Protection.

Miscellaneous provisions

The Operator reserves the right to change or amend the terms of this Disclaimer at any time without notice or agreement by updating the website. Any matters not covered by the Disclaimer, the use of the website and the Disclaimer itself shall be governed by the laws of Hungary.

The Operator reserves the right to delete the website, or any of its parts, or make it, or any of its parts, inaccessible at any time without notice.


Should you have any questions, remarks or suggestions about the Disclaimer or the use of the website, please contact the Operator (Vajda Papír Kft. address: 1239 Budapest, Ócsai út 8., e-mail: titkarsag at vajdapapir.hu).