The top HR areas at Hungarian companies this year

The top HR areas at Hungarian companies this year

According to a mini-survey conducted by HR Portál the top priority in 2013 was strategic human resource planning at most companies, with some companies naming increasing the commitment of employees as their top priority. It seems that managing change becoming increasingly more important, but the ranking of priorities has not changed in recent years.

At Vajda Papír HR will be of strategic importance

Maintaining the commitment of employees is the number one priority at Vajda Papír Kft. says Tamás Homonnai, HR manager. The second most important priority is managing change, and consequently improving management skills. Another HR priority is providing training to employees and motivating them. Committed, result-oriented work is of primary importance to Vajda Papír Kft., so the company tries to improve the working environment through continuous innovation. This extra priority is due to the sector that the company operates in: the expertise needed for paper processing is not something one can learn at any school. „Practically, this means that we have to train our own employees, which may take a long time, sometimes up to one year, because of the complex and highly developed technologies we use at our company" says Tamás Homonnai.

"Recently there has been many initiatives at the company which make employees feel that they are the appreciated members of a team. Our company newsletter, the family day, the medical massage, the Saint Nicholas Day celebration organized for the families of employees, and the factory visit can all strengthen this spirit. In addition we encourage our employees to share their ideas and suggestions about how costs could be cut or the efficiency improved with the management. We would like to develop these initiatives even further this year" he adds.

The importance of managing change has significantly increased recently, which is the result of the dynamic development of Vajda Papír which has taken place at the company in recent years. Tamás Homonnai says he does not expect the HR-priorities to change any time soon. His experience tells him that as a result of the economic crises the role of HR has become more important, and it is crucial for the working of the business, and the management considers it to be of strategic importance.

by Éva Vámos

Publication date: 2013.3.11.

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