Our cutting-edge technology uses the latest innovations, it meets all environmental requirements, and it is highly automated and therefore effective and efficient.

Toilet papers

Whether it is a premium category brand or a budget toilet paper, our products provide the highest quality in all segments.


Number of plies

Toilet paper made from cellulose can be one-, two-, three-, four- or five-ply thick.

Toilet paper made from recycled paper can be one-, two-, or three-ply thick.



Various different packs from single roll packs up

Flat packs and scan packs, if required with handle for easy carrying


Individual client needs

Papers available in various colours, various embossing and printing as well as scenting options. If required a technology for easy opening of the package can be applied.

Some products have undergone dermatological and gynaecological testing.


Paper towels

The technology we use enables us to meet different customer needs with our products, from highly absorbent paper towel products to ones with custom embossing.

Number of plies: two-, three-, four-ply products

Packs: From single-roll Jumbo packs to 16-roll packs

Embossing: Available with different embossing (standard, fruity, decorative)

Printing: our printing technology allows us to manufacture products with multicoloured patterns



Number of plies: two-, three-, four-ply products

Products are made either from cellulose or recycled paper

Packs: 100 pcs, 90 pcs, 6x10 pcs, 10x10 pcs, 12x10 pcs



Number of plies: one-, two-, three-ply products

Sheet sizes: 16x16 cm, 30x30 cm, 33x33 cm

Packs: from 20 pcs/pack to 600 pcs/pack

Printing: our printing technology allows us to produce 4-colour prints


Industrial products


Toilet papers

one-ply products:

6x1 roll – rolls with a diameter ranging from 19 cm to 30 cm

64-roll products – rolls that are 20 to 25 meters in length


two-ply products:

6x1 roll – roll with a diameter ranging from 19 cm to 29 cm


Paper towels

one-ply products: Z-fold handtowels 20x200-sheet packs, in natural, green and white colours

two-ply products: 6x1 roll with tube, with a diameter ranging from 14 to 19 cm

2x1 rolls with a diameter of 29 cm, blue