Dermatological and gynaecological testing

The products of the company regularly undergo dermatological and gynaecological testing, the latter being very unique to the company in Hungary. The laboratory tests are performed by an independent institute, the German Derma Consult GmbH. The testing lasts 72 hours, involving a sample group of 50 people, to establish what effects the particular product has on the skin during and after contact.

We are certified by Derma Consult GmbH.




Products that have passed the dermatological tests:

Ooops! Aloe vera tissues, Ooops! Aloe toilet paper, Ooops! Lotus tissues, Ooops! Premium tissues, Ooops! Premium paper towel, Ooops! Premium toilet paper, Ooops! Sensitive tissues, Ooops! Sensitive paper towel, Ooops! Sensitive toilet paper. Ooops! Spider-Man tissues, Ooops! Princess tissues, Ooops! Cars tissues

Products that have passed the gynaecological tests:

Ooops! Aloe toilet paper, Ooops! Premium toilet paper